3 Reasons To Wear False Lashes - UrbanBeautyLashes

3 Reasons To Wear False Lashes - Urban Beauty Lashes

 False Lashes


#1 Changes the look of your eyes.

Just like Eye Liner and Mascara, false lashes can enhance and mute certain areas of your eyes making it look vastly different with each lashes you try on. It is also flexible in terms of dressing your eyes up and down depending on the occasion, and let's face it, a glam makeover is never complete without your false lashes on.

You can use our standard eye guide as well to know which false lashes fits your eye shape the best. 


#2 Bigger, brighter eyes

Even though different false lashes gives you different style, we can all agree that it definitely makes your eyes bigger, brighter and more prominent. It opens up your face as well, making you seem more attractive overall.

Just make sure to curl your lashes after putting them on. It really gives a significant boost and lifts them up opening up your eyes. 


False Lashes
Pink Romance by Urban Beauty Lashes

#3 Save money

False lashes not only give you plenty of option to choose from, it is reusable up to 15-20 times with proper care and they do not break the bank. While eyelash extension can be convenient, they do not provide daily variation and they are quite costly. Not to mention in this pandemic era, we should strive to reduce human contact with your eyes. Overall, we really suggest false lashes if you are looking to cut down on your extra expenditures and they just give you the flexibility you want with your makeup style. 


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    Very affordable lashes, value for money. Will definately buy again 😍

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    Cant wait to try on these lashes from Urban Beauty!

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    Love your packaging! <3 will definitely try those false lashes.

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