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Is it okay to wear false lashes everyday?

 False Lashes


The answer is yes! But, proper aftercare is necessary to prevent dryness of skin around the eye area and tugging on your natural lashes. Below are 5 points that guide you on how to wear lashes everyday without leaving you lashless.


#1 Gentle removal of false lashes

This is a double win for prolonging the lifespan of your lashes as well as preventing hair loss when you remove your false lashes. 1) Do not just tear your false lashes out, make sure to first soak a Q-tip with your makeup remover, and apply it across your lash line. Then gently remove your false lashes and apply more makeup remover to areas that are more stubborn.


#2 Lash serum

Lash aftercare is very important to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong so it does not come off so easily when you remove your false lashes. Don't just focus on the hair on top of your head, show some love to your lashes too. You can find some examples of eyelash serums that work to hydrate and strengthened your hair here, from the cosmopolitan post.  

#3 Proper False Lashes Application

When applying adhesives like glue to the lash band, make sure your hands or lash applicator is first free from glue. You do not want to accidentally glue your lash and false lash together. This would lead to ripping of your natural lash when you remove them. Make sure not to apply glue outside the edges of the false lash band, as they may come in contact with your natural lashes.

In the event the glue touches the false lashes accidentally, make sure to gentle remove it before applying them onto your lash line. 

Venus Goddess Urban Beauty Lashes

Venus Goddess by Urban Beauty Lashes


#4 Gentle makeup remover

Use a non drying makeup remover that is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. I only ever buy products recommended by dermatologists to make sure it will not cause irritation to my skin. A general rule of thumb is to avoid anything with parabens, certain kinds of alcohol and fragrance. 


#5 Cleaning False Lashes

Cleaning your false lashes is a must, as bacteria can grow and lead to skin inflammation on your lash line, which will not be pretty. Not to mention you wouldn't be able to wear any makeup for awhile, let alone your pretty false lashes. You can click here for more information on how to care for your false lashes and in turn your eyes. 

Urban Beauty Lashes

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