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How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup?

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It's no secret that bigger eyes are often considered more beautiful and attractive in most countries. Eyes are also the first thing we see and is a key to making that first impression. 

So how can we get that subtly enlarged eyes with no makeup? Let's start by focusing on different aspects of your face that play a role in the appearance of your eyes.


#1 Eyebrow

Eyebrows play a big game in presenting your eyes. A well groomed and arched eyebrow can help you look sharp and strong and instantly draw attention to your eyes. 

Brushing your eyebrow hair upwards will also create an illusion of a thicker and bolder brow. You can hold them in place with a clear brow gel or using natural means like aloe vera gel as an alternative. Just use a Q-tip or a clean mascara wand and dip it in the gel and apply a thin layer onto the brows and shape it according to the style you desire. This will help keep the brow in place whilst looking as naturally effortless as possible.

#2 Lashes

Curl your lashes upwards to open up your eyes and erase the tired look from your face. Make sure to curl every part of your eyelashes from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner. Do be careful not to pull on your lashes as you clamp down on the lash curler. 

#extra tip: If you have lashes like mine that don't hold throughout the day. You can use a blow-dryer on a mid (semi-hot) setting on the lash curler to lightly warm it up. Test with your fingers to make sure that the lash curler is not too hot, before proceeding to curl your lashes. 

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#3 Under Eye

Puffy eyes can cause your eyes to appear smaller and make you tired looking.

De-puff your eyes by:

i) Metal Spoon (Cold) - Place two metal spoon in the refrigerator overnight. After washing your face, gently place the metal spoon on both your eyelids to allow the coolness from the spoon to constrict your blood vessels and help de-puff your eyes.

ii) Tea bags (Cold & Caffeine) - Wet two tea bags and place them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes, then close your eyes and place them above your eyelids. There are evidence that caffeine is proven to help with increasing circulation and reducing the puffiness of the skin. 

iii) Cucumber (Cold & Hydrating) - Place a cucumber in the fridge overnight. Cut 2 thin slice of cucumber and place it over your eyelids (make sure to cover your under eye area). The coolness from the cucumber constrict your blood vessel and de-puff the eyes. The properties of the cucumber allows for natural hydration to your eye area and the anti-oxidants and silica helps reduce the dark circle appearance as well.

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Now go ahead and flaunt your beauty with Urban Beauty Lashes! ❤️


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