How to get bigger eyes with false lashes

How to make your eyes look bigger with False Lashes? 

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Eyes are the nipples of the face and even more so now that we are living in a global pandemic where we must wear face mask everywhere we go. 

So how can we get that subtly enlarged eyes with false lashes? 


#1 Upper False Lashes

Sure using mascara makes a big difference in the appearance of our eyes. But they also make your lashes look a bit spidery. By applying false lashes at the upper lash-line, you can get natural looking lashes that are elongated and styled to enhance different features and used for different occasions. But be careful when selecting your false lashes, as they may or may not flatter your eye shape, so checkout our guide here for more info on that. 

 False Lashes

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#2 Lower False Lashes  

False lashes for your lower lash line as it suggests works by opening up the bottom area of your eye. These false lashes creates depth and boosts your eye shape by enhancing the lower lash line. By putting them on, it helps balance out the eye look, and greatly reduces the difference in volume and darkness between your top and bottom lashes. 



#3 Individual False Lashes   

If you are looking to just enhance or draw attention to certain areas of your eyes, you can benefit heavily from using individual lashes. Make sure to choose one that matches the length you are looking to achieve and ensuring the gap between your natural lash and the false lashes isn't too big, or else it'll appear to be disconnected from your lash line. You can also cut your false lashes to smaller section to create the same effect. 

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Now go ahead and flaunt your beauty with Urban Beauty Lashes! ❤️


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    Thanks dear <3. Haven’t tried lower false lashes yet but will definitely do now!

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