How Long Can You Wear False Lashes - Urban Beauty Lashes

How Long Can You Wear False Lashes - Urban Beauty Lashes

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Don't you just want to wake up feeling like a boss with those feathery false lashes and pretend they are your own? But how long can we actually wear our false lashes? Do they have a time frame like contact lenses? 


Well, there is a gray area here because it isn't in direct contact with your eyes so it isn't as sensitive if you leave on for prolonged period of time. However, I do recommend taking them off latest at the end of the day. Because if you wear them for too long, no matter how comfortable they feel on your skin, the adhesive can irritate your lash line and cause eye infections or loss of lashes. And what good does that do you if you can't wear it the next day again? I can attest that wearing sunglasses to work is just not practical.

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Also, if you have rather sensitive skin around your eyes, it's a good idea to remove the false lashes as delicately as possible. We have a guide for that here for you beauties that just rip your false lashes out without proper TLC given to your lashes & lashline. 


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