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How to remove and store false lashes to care for them and your eyes?


False Eyelashes


#1: Removing False Lashes

i) Always remove your false lashes before proceeding with your makeup removal routine.

ii) Soften the adhesive with Q-tip soaked in gentle makeup remover, such as Bioderma Bioderma Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water, Glossier Makeup Oil or go natural with your favourite coconut or olive oil. 

iii) Glide your newly soaked Q-tip and swab along your lash line.

iv) Gently remove the extension from your outer corner. If you feel a pinching sensation, apply more makeup remover or oil if you feel any discomfort when trying to remove.


#2: Keeping Them Clean (stay away you nasty red eye!)

i) Remove the glue residue on the band by peeling it off.

ii) Remove the makeup and mascara from the false lashes by submerging it into a small bowl filled with makeup remover. (do not use oil for this step). 

iii) Gently rub the lashes to dissolve dirt, makeup and mascara off them.

iv) Rinse the false lashes with water.

v) Allow them to air dry on a visible and clean place or pat them dry if you are running out of time.

Paris Lite by Urban Beauty Lashes

Paris Lite by Urban Beauty Lashes 

#3: Storing

i) Make sure your false lashes are dry before proceeding with the steps below.

ii) Remove the cover of your false lashes box and place the lash tray on to a stable surface. 

iii) Gently pick up the false lashes that was used on your right eye and place it to the left side of the lash tray. Now place the false lashes that was used on your left eyes to the right side of the lash tray. (Assuming the lash tray is facing you)

 Urban Beauty Lashes Tray

Now go ahead and flaunt your beauty with Urban Beauty Lashes! ❤️



  • Kathy McConnell

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Sharon

    Thanks for the tips UBL, my lashes never last past the 5th use most of the time but now I know why.. My favourite was the soaking tip, will definitely try to do it now! ❤️

  • Sarah Hughes

    Really helpful tips ❤ Keeping your lashes clean is really important to help your lashes last longer and keeping red eyes away! Lily Mist is definitely my personal favourite from ubl collection 😍

  • Lin

    Awesome tips! I used to just rip them off 😂 clearly have not been doing it right.

  • Francine

    Wow great product! Delivery was very quick. Beautiful lashes with great quality. Good job! Highly recommended

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