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Tips on storing false lashes for reusability

False Lashes

#1 Clean them before storing

This is an obvious one but not necessary something that we always do after a big party. You have to peel away the adhesive using your hands but avoid using tools like tweezer that may accidentally pull out the tiny hairs on it. For more information on false lashes care you can click here as well.


#2 Place back on half moon tray

Make sure to carefully place the false lashes on the half moon tray so that it retains its structure. If the structure is affected and the glue hardens, it may increase difficulty of your application later on causing it to be more stiff as well. If you are storing individual false lashes you can put it back to the tray as well, just make sure they are not loose in the box.

 Luxury False Lashes

Venus Goddess by Urban Beauty Lashes


#3 Cover the tray

It is important to keep dust and dirt away as you are place them on your lash line very close to your eyes. Improper storage can lead to eye infections and you know how much we hate those. Moisture can also affect the growth of bacteria so make sure to dry your lashes before storing them. 

#extra tip: Make sure to look out for packaging that not only look good, but allows you to store them properly. If necessary we recommend you to buy a false lashes storage box especially if the ones they came in do not provide much support and helps prevent misplacing them as well.


#4 Keep you falsies in dark (no sunlight), cool and dry place. 

 Hot, moist and bright environment can lead to changes in shape of your false lashes, they also provide a good environment for bacteria to grow, making it unsuitable for rewearing. So make sure to stash lashes in the drawer, or a makeup box like this popular one from Jeffree Star.

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