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Beginner Guide & Tips for applying False Lashes

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#1: Try a thinner band false lashes

Trying to put on false lashes for the first few times can be stressful, so why not try starting with a thinner band? It is definitely easier to apply and lighter in weight.

#extra tip: if you want to be all decked out and fancy some more volume, why not stack them on top of each other to give your eyes some extra love. 

#2: Cut to sections

BUT WAIT! Before you go cutting the false lashes into sections, you want to be sure that you have measured them against your eyes and removed the extra length first.

Then depending on how flexible the band of your eyelashes is, you can cut them into 2 or 3 pieces. Then proceed to apply them onto your lash line accordingly.

#3: Use a lash applicator

When you are dealing with glue, you don't want to use your hands for this. You may end up having glue on your fingers and when you try to put the false lashes on, you end up yanking it out instead. 

Venus Goddess by Urban Beauty Lashes

Venus Goddess by Urban Beauty Lashes

#4: Tacky Glue

This step is a bit tricky, as different glue have different duration for tackiness to set in. So, you have to check the condition of your glue and make sure it is not wet but tacky (not fully dry and retaining a slightly sticky feel) before proceeding. The general rule of thumb is 1-2 minutes. If you apply them too early it can cause the lashes to slide all over your eyes and come off when you blink. Personally I prefer waiting longer because it makes sure that I'm 100% sure it's ready!

#5: Practice - Tale as old as time 

Queue the beauty and beast theme song. Yes we know, it's an obvious one, but talent alone is not going to cut it I'm afraid. The more you do something the more familiar you get, and eventually you will be a professional my friend.


Urban Beauty Lashes

Now go ahead and flaunt your beauty with Urban Beauty Lashes! ❤️


  • Kathy

    Very helpful. Thanks 👍

  • Savannah

    Struggled so hard to put on my lashes for the date! thanks for the tips, love tip #2!

  • Laura Nelson

    Very helpful info! 💖 Thanks for the tips. Are you guys going to be selling applicator and glue soon?

  • Britney

    Thanks for the tips! ❤️

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